Toddler Sense Galway

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Lisa brought Baby Sensory to Galway in 2013 after experiencing classes first hand as a parent in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2009 with her first child. Her passion for Baby Sensory is massive and she feels that all babies should get to experience the magic of Baby Sensory during their first year. Lisa introduced the Toddler Sense programme in March 2020. This is the follow on programme to Baby Sensory. These classes are specially for busy toddlers from 13 months to 3.5 years. Our newest programme is Hello Baby which is especially for babies from birth to 12 weeks. During the Hello Baby programme we carry out one to one or small group observation sessions where parents will learn how their baby is trying to communicate with them using their facial expressions and body language in the early weeks, what your baby can do from a young age and what they are good at or might find stressful of difficult. We also identify baby's self-soothing strategies and which self-soothing techniques. work best for baby We look forward to seeing you soon :-)