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Welcome to Toddler Sense Galway

A whole new world of sensory stimulation, play,fun adventures and learning for your toddler.

Our Multi-sensory adventures programme is designed for busy people from

14 months to 3.5 years!

Every Toddler Sense session is jam-packed with fabulous activities and fun adventures to help your adventurous toddler or child burn off excess energy and develop vital physical, communication, social and intellectual skills that form the foundation of all future learning.

We know just what keeps your toddler or child happy, busy, motivated, interested and excited to learn! Join our exciting world of magic and adventure in a safe and happy environment - there's always something new and wonderful to look forward to!


 Our Toddler classes run weekly from Leisureland, Salthill every Thursday and Friday.

Our New Year’s term starts from January 12th.

We have different age ranges to suit your toddler's needs.

If you have any questions regarding our classes,

kindly email us on


If your little one is younger than 13 months, check out our Baby Sensory classes:


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Toddler Sense Galway



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