Toddler Sense Dublin North


 Hello and Welcome to Toddler Sense Dublin!

Toddler Sense is a world of sensory stimulation, play, fun adventures and learning for your toddler. Classes range from 13 months to 4.5 years. From Space to Under the Sea, to an Ugly Bug Ball and a trek in the Jungle; Toddler Sense explores it all! Our lovable friend Todd is from a planet called Starlit and he has arrived on Planet Earth with a mission to explore! Come and help Todd on his mission to learn all about Planet Earth through Adventure Play, Songs, Sensory activities etc.... This is a journey of imagination and learning about the world around us. Each week is a different theme so there is plenty to see and do!

All activities in the class are designed to work on a range of skills and developmental milestones. Hand eye coordination, gross motor, fine motor, visual stimulation, emotional regulation, exploring the world around us, social and emotional development to name a few! 


Babies under 12 months are welcome to attend with an older sibling.

We have a twin/sibling discount available for all classes.

Baby Sensory Graduates can avail of a discount when booking a class within the first 12 months of graduation.



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